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Temporary Pool Fence


Product Information

temporary pool fencing


 Temporary Pool Fence we made are fully meet with the Australian Standard A.S. 1926.1/2007 – Swimming Pool Safety – Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools. 1250mm height x 2300mm width the spacing of upright are 90mm come with we made UV treat high-quality temp fence base provide the highest security for the pool and spa OD32mm tube *1.50mm and upright OD 19mm or OD16mm available hot dipped galvanized and pre-galvanized 14 microns and 42 microns as well 84 microns finished 

 We offer our temporary pool fencing to families who are building pools and pool industry and fencing contractors. In the construction or renovation of swimming pools, Australian law requires that all swimming pools must have temporary pool fences during construction and installation. Standard temporary enclosure, construction enclosure, crowd control enclosure does not meet.

Our temporary pool fence features several salient features, including:

our sturdy construction and design ensures that our temporary pool fence can be easily moved without the need for a pickaxe.

automatically close the lock for safe and reliable entry.

Strong assembly, so there is no need for temporary fence stay or support.

feet are specially designed to allow consistent clearance of 100 mm between ground and panel.

according to australian standards AS1926.1-2007 swimming pool safety manufacturing, part 1: swimming pool safety barrier*.

our temporary pool enclosure is adaptable and can be used for other industrial applications where water safety problems exist, including: construction site isolation, ensuring the safety of cooling pools for mining, resource, oil and gas industries, and agro-industrial taxes. features,including:

Our sturdy structure and design ensure that our temporary pool fencing can be easily moved without the need for star pickets.

Self-closing latched gates for safe and secure access.

 Strong assembly,so no need for temporary fencing stays or bracing.

Feet are specifically designed to allow a consistent gap of 100mm between ground and panel.

Manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1926.1-2007Swimming Pool Safety,Part 1:Safety barriers for swimming pools*.

Our temporary pool fencing is adaptable and can be used for other industry applications where there is a water safety issue,including;segregation on construction sites,securing cooling ponds in mining,resources,oil and gas industries and agricultural industry levies.