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Functions Of Chain Link Fence China

Released on 2020-06-28

Use of Chain Link Fence China: This product is mainly used for thermal power plant insulation, raising chicken, duck, goose, rabbit and zoo fence, mechanical equipment protection, highway guardrail,

Sports venue fences, road green belt protection nets, warehouses, tool room refrigeration, protective reinforcements, stadiums, parks, zoo fences,

Marine fishing fences and construction site fences, rivers, slopes to fix soil (rocks), and residential safety protection.

The Chain Link Fence is an elastic woven mesh. This product is made of crochet and has the characteristics of simple knitting, beautiful appearance and practicality. Because the network itself has a good

It is elastic, can cushion external impact, and has good anti-corrosion. It is the best choice for breeding stadiums and venues that are often subjected to external impact.

Features: excellent mesh material, uniform mesh, flat mesh surface, simple knitting, beautiful and practical

Variety: electro-galvanized hook flower net, hot-dip galvanized hook flower net, PVC hook flower net, plastic wrap chain can be customized.


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